Hi Friends!!

We have been going a mile a minute around the lunge line lately here on the farm. Mom and I have been practicing out some moves and I have been doing really good! I mean really good!! Just today in fact I am doing some pretty fantastic jumps between chairs!! Mom guiding me of course, but I am wowing her and Dad when I do these. It’s really easy for me, but they still seem pretty wowed every time I do something… I move pretty fast too so the camera has a really tough job keeping up with me! This was one of my first jumps but I can already do 1 meter jumps no problem!


Mom has been very patient making sure I know what to do and when to do it. I even have the trotting moves in the works too. My social media team is working on those pictures and video, but I am confident I am going to be moving on to more advanced works very soon. Mom – I’ve got this – just trust me!

Lunge line aside, Mom, Dad and Robin continue to be very very busy. I suppose it does not help matters much when Mom calls me to come in from the paddock at dusk and I don’t want to. I really want to play in the good luck clovers. But I must mind my Mom as she knows best. I don’t then Junior gives me a lecture in the barn and that’s like really uncool! Junior always does what he’s supposed to do when he’s supposed to do it. At least that’s what he says…..I believe him though! I really believe him when he gives me this look! Junior is always sharing with us that we have to be good and work together and so we do.


There is always lots of work to be done. Barn chores, practicing, helping the new guys like It’s Smarty Time learn the horse show stuff….he’s picking things up pretty well too. Junior thinks he’s going to be another one of those showstoppers just like me. Well almost. There’s only ONE me!

Junior says Dad is always coaching It’s Smarty Time too. That’s Dad’s job as he is my Dad, but he’s Smarty’s performance coach…. Like business people do deals on the golf course, Dad is coaching Smarty Time on the paddock pathways..Those chats can get a little deep too..

37792175386_379c6e26e2_o (1)

Mom’s been a good trainer and coach too, not just for me but for Unshackled too. She’s a Thoroughbred filly pal of ours and she had to leave to take a little break but we’re hoping for good things for her and that she’ll be back for more works with Mom. For some things there are no time limits and that’s ok with us.

22528625_10214016483557372_9066810931086925165_o (1)

Mom also keeps up with It’s Smarty Time too as his trainer. Mom has sure been busy!


It’s Smarty Time tells me he’s glad he has Junior and I to coach him too. Robin is always telling us all that it takes a team to make things work! It’s all about Teamwork! YAY!


Junior is always happy to help. He loves his job on the farm, hanging out with his pals in the paddock – like SOL! (When he’s not out winning RIBBONS!)


Sol is our big guy with the heart of silver and gold! He wins blue ribbons too. He is no slouch and we follow his lead in the paddock too!

Dixie and Peaches are a little team all to themselves and we think they are TOO CUTE!!


Our other pal Jazzy is a big part of our team too!! She plays an important role in helping the littler folks learn how to ride. She’s special to all our hearts!


And some of the littler people are very little…but they do a great BIG job of riding ponies! Jazzy is happy to help and Dad too!


So with all the things we have going on in the barn, we learn the importance of working together and and sometimes we also know it’s ok to lean on our friends too.


Mom and I are a team, we work hard and I continue to learn. I know I can get things easily and sometimes it sooo much fun to impress Mom with my knowledge, but deep down I know I will always need her to guide me to do the right thing.


Otherwise my naughty streak sneaks out! WHOA!


But if I am really bad, Mom also let’s me know that Teddy might come out of the barn broom closet….


Whoa, and that just can’t happen!

I promise to be good!!

Luv ya!!

Koenraad ♥

Photo Credits: Robin Walder, Tess Flores, Beth Hovenstine, Dawn Newman, and Susan












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