Whoa Friends!!

Where do I begin to tell the story of just how great a life can be? What’s going on Koenraad you say! Plenty for sure and then some!!! Hold on to your saddle, bits and bridles as I update you. I can promise you will be amazed, enamored, mesmerized and glamorized!

I am beyond excited to share that Mom, Dad and Robin are busy beyond belief and overjoyed about me and so many great things happening in our barn.

First I have to tell you about Majestic ME!!!  Mom and I are doing the saddle thing and she gets it!! I mean I knew I got it, but to see Mom gets it well, that’s just the icing on the carrot cake!!! Finally! Mom put on the saddle and got on! I am so happy that she finally after months and months and weeks and weeks and days and days put my pal Teddy in the broom closet!! I have to give him the high hoof though, try as he might, that floppy dude just can’t cut it!

Mom first put the saddle on and backed me. I had to snort a bit on that because she and Dad looked like wow. I said really? I got this and I have just been waiting for you!! Mom’s the champ here and knows how it’s done, but see I have been watching her for quite awhile and Junior has been coaching me in the stalls between lesson time with the little people so I am like totally ready to get the horse show on the road!

Next up Mom got on the saddle and sat just as proud as could be. Dad was holding on the bridle for sure, but I do have it and now the adventure can begin. Junior tells me I have to be serious about this horse show thing if I want to win all the ribbons so I’ll be studying hard and Mom and I are going to have a ride of a lifetime. Stick with me Mom and we’ll show the world!! Maybe I am not very modest, but I am ready!!

I’ll try to be a little bashful, but only a little…

Of course it’s ok to have a little fun along the way. Junior said I can expect to have plenty of bath time too. He said something about me being a show stopper so I have to shine up my chrome!

And if that was not enough….

Well our friends and fellow riders had horse shows to do too. Aili and Bonita went to Devon and they’re doing well in the endeavors with USEF competition. Each time is a learning experience and they keep rocking it forward. It takes time, patience and lots of hours of practice. It’s a thrill to have one of our own competing at Devon! Keep up the good work Aili and Bonita!!!

Of course we had some little people heading to the horse show too. This time they were following Jazzy to a couple of pretty pink ribbons they won at Ludwig’s Corner. One of the little ones had a first time experience to remember and of course Nevaeh did not disappoint either. We’re all so PROUD of them!! High Hoof from Koenraad! WHOA!!!

I look forward to their next horse shows too. Junior always tells me to be on the look out for learning opportunities. Junior has SO MUCH experience winning ribbons so I am going to be sure I take his advice!

A lot of preparation goes into getting ready to show. Riders need to practice their riding skills and do lots of grooming!

And a whisper for “GOOD LUCK” never hurts either!

Junior also has been having some fun going on trail rides with the horses and students too. He said it’s an amazing town this Mount Joy! Corn fields, plowed fields, and just plain fields!

We also welcomed some new additions too. First though I have to say, I am not sure I am getting these little noisemakers with curly tails, but Robin knows Dad adores them and so she not only got Dad one curly q kid, but TWO curly q kids!! And so me with all my chrome and glamour find myself competing with these cute little creatures but gee they are so darn cute. Robin and Dad tell me that they might get a little bigger. I think that would be really great. Then I won’t have to stretch my neck down so far to neigh to them! They are sweet little dears for sure!!

Then it happened……. I knew it might be possible, but was not really sure. It does seem that there is a Unicorn in our midst and her name is Molly. She arrived one day in all her finery and wow is she ever swell. She has pretty pink tack and then we have this really nice lady Tess who comes and braids our hair. I mean this is styling to have this Molly the Unicorn, so pretty in pink…. She is all that! Welcome and maybe you can tell me more about what it is like to be a real Unicorn!

One day I found out she likes COOKIES too! WHOA!! Pretty in Pink and after my own heart!!

Oh boy but still more exciting stuff friends!

We also have a new pony in the barn too. His name is Charlie Brown and he is going to be helping Jazzy with teaching the Little People. Mom of course will be training. Mom is going to be SOOOO BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom loves him too!

Then if that were not enough ….

Our barn also welcomes two horses that are Thoroughbreds and come from distinguished Mom’s and Dad’s in the world of horse racing. I am not really too familiar with horse racing, but they do a lot of running and they place for prize money. It’s kind of like the horse shows but we do more jumping, and equitation type things for ribbons, points and prestige in rated shows and non rated shows. The Thoroughbreds have a different type of prestige and they do it in the types of races they run in. One type is a stakes race. Anyway, as we get to know them we’ll learn more about what they did.

Unshackled will be with us for a little while and is a pretty filly. Her Dad is the famous racehorse Shackleford. Shackleford was very good at his races and he won the Preakness Stakes in 2011 and other notable graded stakes before he retired. So Mom and Dad are helping her do something called rehab. It’s a long process so Mom and Dad are helping with the beginning stages of that.

She’s very quiet and a little shy. Junior just thinks she’s the cat’s meow.. hmmmm I’ll keep and eye on that. I do too, but I won’t tell Junior…

Mom has been spending time helping her learn the bridles and saddles again. It’s a painstaking process, but Mom is handling everything so well. I know Unshackled’s racing partnership is very happy knowing that their girl is in such capable hands with Mom and Dad.

Then we also welcome It’s Smarty Time! He is the son of 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness champion Smarty Jones. Smarty Jones lives in Kentucky now and he is so very famous and also a Pennsylvania bred horse. Smarty Jones made Pennsylvania proud when he made a run for the Triple Crown too. The little engine that could and he just about did it too. The Belmont Stakes was his last race and the ONLY race he lost and now we will be showing his son It’s Smarty Time the jumps and maybe some hunters too. Dad is always telling us how well he is doing and he’s only been with us a short time. Rave reviews and glowing reports from Dad sure go a long way too!! Welcome! Again, Mom is going to be SOOOOOOO BUSY!!!!

He looks like his Dad Smarty Jones too. He’s a proud one for sure!

Mom is also taking time to do her Senior pictures with help from our dear friend Tess. Junior says they’re JUNIOR pictures but I beg to differ on that. Really Junior, and I do know better. He thinks that because he’s in the pictures that why they’re Junior pictures. Hmmmmm that Junior!

And by the way, in case you have not noticed my Mom is beautiful and we do love her SOOOOO MUCH!

We all were in the pictures too with Mom and that made it extra special!

Oh so pretty!

Whoa and it’s only been a short time since my last post, but we are moving right along here. I don’t know how Mom, Dad and Robin do all that they do, but I am sure glad they do.

Fall is now here and my barn pals and I sure had a nice summer.

The little curly qs and the little people – there sure is something to that. I think the curly qs are going to grow on me and the little people can help show me the way..

And it’s nice to know there really are Unicorns!

So keep on learning and doing as you move forward!!!! Watch me go!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad ♥

Photo credits: Robin Walder, Tess Flores, Susan

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