Hello dear Friends!

Hey, it’s me!!! The other day I was standing in the sunlight dreaming about Spring. It was not that long ago and it was Spring and things were starting to thaw out and I was learning about wearing my bridle. This was all before I started riding with my pal Ted of course but never mind him. I was standing here in the barn and realized just how fast the days have gone from Spring to Fall. And now it’s time for a Classic! – The Fall Classic at Devon!!

We had hoped for a showdown between Carmen and Bonita but it seems Dad felt best for Carmen to mind her manners here on the farm. She and Bonita had a little tiff a doo in the pasture and Bonita made it darn clear that it was She who would be going. Dad decided Carmen had to stand down for this one…

Don’t fret none Carmen, you and Mom will be out again soon and you will win even more ribbons! After all you did shine at Garden State so I suppose it’s good to take turns now and then.

So Dad said onward we will go with Bonita and her rider and our friend, Aili Miettinen! We sure wish them well in the jumper classes at the Devon Fall Classic. Very exciting and we hope that we’ll see some Walder’s Way supporters in the Grand Stand cheering them on!


This is their schedule and we will post results later this weekend!

Cheer on # 206 – Bonita V8 High Class and rider Aili Miettinen!!

Friday, September 15, 2017
$500 Low Adult Amateur Jumper, 1.0 m II.2B

Saturday, September 16, 2017
$500 Low Adult Amateur Jumper, 1.0 m II.1

Sunday, September 17, 2017
$1500 Low Adult AM JMPR Zone 2 HOTY Champ II.2a

As for me, Mom said I am nearing the part of my training where I will be riding with Mom! I cannot wait to tell you all about it!! I must say, Teddy was pretty flamboyant with his flippy floppity riding style and I will be relieved to have Mom – I mean she really knows how to ride and she is a PRO!

So until then, we’ll be munching on the Good Luck clovers to cheer on Bonita and Aili and I will be dreaming of the Dixon Oval where I am sure to make a great impression someday…

Be happy and enjoy pursuing your personal best!

Luv ya!
Koenraad ♥


To learn all about the Devon Fall Classic, here is the link on the web:

DEVON FALL CLASSIC – click here for infomation!

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