Hi ya friends!

We have had the most incredible week!! Junior told me all about it – everyone was winning ribbons and a day to remember! Many first time experiences and a lot of fun. Hard work and lots of practice made all this possible. I think that it was as inspiring a time as it could possibly be. Junior is still on cloud nine, ten, eleven and twelve tonight. Actually he lost count! Luv ya Junior!

The day started off with Dixie and Katie doing a great round for a 4th and a sparkling medal to go with a pretty white ribbon! Dixie was all done up beautifully in braids and did a wonderful job with Katie. This was Dixie’s very first time in a show ring and a USEF show ring at that. Dad was most especially proud of them as he had discovered Dixie at a local auction and saw potential and now that is being realized. A story that actually brought happy tears to my eyes. Very touching and sometimes the diamonds in the rough are the most precious gems. Congratulations Ladies!


One thing that was really nice was that the judges had asked their steward to find Dad and tell him how much they thought of Katie’s riding ability. They told Dad to tell her to not give it up and keep at it. Keep up the good work Katie!!!


Sol and Sabrina had a huge day too! Taking in not one but TWO first place ribbons!

Sol followed Sabrina’s lead and every command. His response was like blue and gold. We are all so very proud of them both and Congratulations for your first places!


Aili and Bonita turned in a stunning performance too. This was a nice test for Bonita as she is an off the track Thoroughbred with a new career. She is super fast and beautiful to watch. She and Aili took home fifth place ribbon! Way to go girls! We are happy and proud of you too!  She and Junior like to keep tabs on show performances too, makes for good rivalry in the barn and keeps Junior on his hooves….


Then it was Junior’s turn and well you can pretty much guess the Champs response – outstanding! He took home another 2nd place ribbon and a 3rd. Dad told Junior that he had done 53 jumps and only knocked down 1 pole. I mean like who does that? Well it’s Junior and with Mom on board he again did not disappoint. Mom rode him to perfection and they make it look sooooo easy, but we all know different. Mom’s a Grand Prix rider and the best of the best. Junior knows it and we know it. Mom and Junior are the ultimate and champions in all the ways that count. They continue to inspire us and most especially the little people. That kinda makes it all worthwhile doesn’t it!


Mom and Junior – they make my heart melt. Someday too, I may be in the picture with Mom and I am going to work very hard so I can do just that. Junior you sure are handsome!! And Mom a superb equestrian!

One thing that made our barn stand out from all others was not only our talented riders and horses but our FANS!!! We had some great fans and supporters to cheer us on. That made the day EXTRA SPECIAL!!! Way to go and we luv ya for it!!! You all knocked it out of the arena!!!!


So you want to know the stats…stats stats stats! Need to know the stats!

Walder’s Way Equestrian Center

Harrisburg Horse Show – Nationals and Classic

August 22 – 27th 2017

Trainer: Dr. Jeff Walder

Placing Class Class Title Horse Rider
7 446 Opportunity Pleasure Horse/Pony Snazzy Jazzy Nevaeh
7 447 Opportunity Pleasure Horse/Pony Snazzy Jazzy Nevaeh
2 901 Itty Bitty Jumper .70m Table II.2c Blue Moon – Junior Chelsy
4 439 Opportunity Short Stirrup Eq. Walk-Trot Whistlin Dixie Katie
7 903 Hopeful Jumper Commanding Officer – Sarge Owned and shown by Kristen
5 905 $100 Hopeful Jumper Classic Commanding Officer – Sarge Owned and shown by Kristen
2 932 Harrisburg Jumpers 1.00m Blue Moon – Junior Madison
1 446 Opportunity Pleasure Horse/Pony El Sur – Sol Sabrina
1 447 Opportunity Pleasure Horse/Pony El Sur – Sol Sabrina
3 939 $500 .95m Mini Prix Table II.2a Blue Moon – Junior Madison
5 939 $500 .95m Mini Prix Table II.2a Bonita V-8 High Class – Bonita Aili

So many firsts, so much fun, lot of work and a total inspiration for us all. For many of my barn pals and human friends it seemed apparent to me and from what Junior was sharing with me all week was that we followed our dreams and for some stepped out of our comfort zone and found new personal bests. That was significant and with the support of our family and friends, my Mom and Dad, I know too that I will someday achieve my goals and dreams. Congratulations too all on a job well done!!!!

And after all this is what dreams are made of – seeing others follow their dreams and give us the drive to do that too!

Take it from the little people – they know best!

Luv ya!!

Koenraad!! ♥

Many thank you’s from all of us to all of you for your support!
Photo credits: Tess Flores, Beth Hovenstine, Susan

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