Junior and Madison3

Hi ya!

It’s me! Just been busy with my barn chores and keeping Porter out of the carrot bin. That and Junior and I spent the night enjoying the celebration of his round with Mom!

I am just so proud of Mom and Junior and Sarge and Kristen pulled off a personal best in their round too. Whoa! These two rocked it!

Junior amazed with Mom in yet again another round of magnificent perfection! They graced the arena with solid grace and professionalism. It was a thing of beauty to watch. He placed second and brings home anther shiny ribbon. My boy Junior well he is a champ! Modest about it, but that is what is so endearing about him too!

Sarge and Kristen gave a profound performance and improved from seventh to fifth. Achievement on this level is never easy and the competition is very keen. They proved they have what it takes and Dad, Robin and the entire barn are so happy and proud of them! Kristen, I must commend you for developing and sharing your beautiful Sarge in the show ring. This gives other race horses coming off the track and their owners or future owners something to aspire to! Way to go.

Dad and Robin have been working hard behind the scenes to help all the students and my brothers and sisters this wonderful opportunity to shine in the USEF competitions.  There is always much to do, but for them it is something they love to do.

I look forward to my turn too!

Today Dixie and Katie took their turn and did a great job too! Fourth place ribbon! I will share more about that in my next blog.

Sol and Sabrina are up next in Sunday’s competition as are Mom riding Junior and Aili riding Bonita! This is an exciting day and I will have all the details!  Robin also writes wonderful recaps about all the students on her Facebook  aka Hoofbook page…nice videos too.


Please join me in wishing everyone the best of luck and we are munching on the good luck clovers too!

To sum it up nicely Robin says “perfection to the max”!

Luv ya!



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