Hi ya friends!!

Wow what big day! I was busy with my barn chores and then it happened! Some very little cute people arrived in for a visit bringing treats! WHOA now that’s a great way to spend any day, but this was special and I loved that they all thought of me today. They are little and I am tall so have to look all the way down to see them! They are sweet and thank you very much little ones! Please come by again soon!

You may be wondering how things are going at the Harrisburg Horse Show. Today was the first day of the Classic. We are all so excited to be participating in the show. This is a USEF rated show so getting ribbons in a rated show is a really big deal, really big!!! The ribbons that the students bring home are an achievement they can be proud of too.


This is the pretty ribbon that Kristen and her horse Sarge received tonight. They have been working hard for this day too. Practicing and working on their goals and dreams of learning to do the jumps and now here they are heading to the show and bringing home a ribbon and one earned in a USEF rated show. Really big deal and they just don’t hand those out for fun. You work for them and your work hard to earn them. Dad is so proud of all the students and very proud of Kristen and Sarge!!!! Way to go!!!  I think Sarge was pretty pleased too after all, he has two great teachers in Kristen and Dad!


After the show he had many congratulations and dove into the feed tub to celebrate, and of course Junior followed by doing the same!


They sure looked great tonight and what a tremendous achievement!


Tomorrow they’ll head into the show ring again and we wish them all the best. Just get out there and do your best and be proud!!! Again another first here! Taking on the .80m!!

** Commanding Officer (Sarge) and Kristen: Hopeful Jumper .80m – .85M Table II.2b

USEF RIBBON !!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sol and Sabrina will be shifting into full gear on Sunday with 4 Hunter classes – they felt that walk, trot, canter classes would be more fun this go round. Dad agreed and so they’ll be in Sunday’s competitions. They looked pretty darn nice too! I’ll be posting up the new classes in my next blog so stay tuned.


Sol you and Sabrina sure looked great tonight!! Rest up for your big day on Sunday!

Tomorrow’s Competitions:

  • Commanding Officer (Sarge) and Kristen: Hopeful Jumper Classic .80m – .85M Table II.2a/2b
  • Bluemoon (Junior) and Madison: Harrisburg Jumpers 1.00m Table II.2c

Please know that times are to be determined, but the jumper classes will start after 4pm and please check in with http://www.horseshowing.com for more information about the schedule and results.

Please join me by cheering them on and don’t forget your good luck clovers!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!

Congratulations to Kristen and Sarge tonight, job well done !!!!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad ♥



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