Hi ya!

It’s me! I have been busy holding down the barn while Dad and Robin are at the Harrisburg Nationals. Things wrapped up nicely today with Snazzy Jazzy and Neveah bringing home a couple of shiny ribbons. I have been so happy celebrating today too. My best pal Junior and Chelsy brought home a shiny ribbon last night and Junior has been on cloud nine and ten all day. We sure are proud!


Snazzy was all gussied up in braids and ribbons. They sure made us all proud. Neveah got some solid experience too. She is a true equestrian competitor now! She’s doing really really well and Dad is just so proud and happy of both Neveah and Chelsy! Keep up the good work girls and nice to see you take the challenge head on! These experiences will stay with you forever!


It’s been a busy week and a very special week. Dad and Robin have been working around the clock making sure everything is just right and Dad gave me the keys to the barn to make sure things are in tip top shape here too. Junior says we’ve got it covered so enjoy the show! Porter has been sneaking into the carrots but that is a story for another day…

The past three days have been part of the Harrisburg Horse Show and were known as the Nationals. The next three days will be the second part of the Harrisburg Horse Show and is known as the Classic.

Walder’s Way Equestrian results so far:


Junior and Chelsy: Second Place:  Itty Bitty Jumper .70m Table II.2c

Snazzy Jazzy and Neveah: Two Seventh Places: Opportunity Pleasure Horse/Pony classes

The Upcoming Schedule so you can make your plans to go see the competition!

Please know that times are to be determined and check in with http://www.horseshowing.com for the latest and greatest in news and updates.


Friday, August 25th:

  • El Sur (Sol) and Sabrina: Itty Bitty Jumper .70 table II.2b
  • Commanding Officer (Sarge) and Kristen: Hopeful Jumper .80m – .85M Table II.2b

Saturday, August 26th:

  • El Sur (Sol) and Sabrina: Itty Bitty Mini Classic .70 table II.2b
  • Commanding Officer (Sarge) and Kristen: Hopeful Jumper Classic .80m – .85M Table II.2a/2b

Sunday, August 27th:

  • Bonita and Aili: Schooling Jumper .95m Table II.2a/2b
  • Bonita and Aili: $500 .95m Mini Prix Table II.2a
  • Whistlin Dixie and Katie: Opportunity Short Stirrup Eq. Walk-Trot
  • Whistlin Dixe and Katie: Opportunity Short Stirrup Eq. Over 4 fences


Bluemoon (Junior) and Madison will also be making a grand appearance in competition on Sunday too, more to come on that!!!


It’s been an exciting week so far and we hope that you can come to the Harrisburg Horse Show to cheer on my brothers and sisters as they compete on the big stage. Dad is just so proud of everyone and Robin is working hard keeping everything running smoothly.

This is big for our students too as for some it is a moment of many firsts and they have been working hard to prepare for their competitions. To them I say keep up the good work and onward and upward! Someday too, I’ll hopefully be in your shoes!!!

In the meantime, me and the barn pals that are here and not competing are enjoying all the Good Luck Clovers and wishing everyone the best.

Stay tuned and I’ll have more news as we move into the weekend!!

Congratulations and the high hoof to Junior, Chelsy, Snazzy and Neveah for a job well done. We are SO PROUD OF YOU!!

Chelsey and Junior


This is what dreams are made of!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad ♥







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