Hi ya friends!

Whoa! A full day at the Harrisburg Nationals for Junior and Bonita yesterday! Whoa, they had a good time watching the sights and scenes and getting some schooling time in.

Junior tells me that they have vendors there and a table FULL of ribbons and trophies. He said he was eyeing some blue ribbons…. Junior we have no doubt about that.


Our sister Bonita had her class postponed last evening so she’ll be back up on Sunday to give her performance with Aili on board. We will look forward to that with great anticipation. She is so fast I think the judges will see only the blur of her body whizzing by and over the jumps!

My best pal Junior will take his turn this evening in the Itty Bitty classes – two in fact back to back. We are hopeful for an earlier evening run there. Yesterday the classes were pretty full, lots of flatwork and that put some of the jumper classes on hold for today. The rules are no classes after midnight!

Junior had some schooling yesterday with his rider Chelsey and then he had a bath. We don’t escape the bath routine, even away from home! He had some visitors and then he and Bonita were glad to see Dad who brought Snazzy Jazzy along too. Whoa that little pony has 4 entries on Thursday to boot! She’s pretty and looking forward to her competitions! We are too!

Don’t forget to see the entries just go to this website: www.horseshowing.com

We also have some paparazzi opportunities for Junior this evening and will get those posted up on the Facebook – or Hoofbook as I know it!


Stay tuned and wish us luck!! Good luck clovers rule!!

Luv ya!


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