Hi everyone!!!

Oh my! An exciting week is in store! My brothers and sisters will be competing at the Harrisburg Horse Show during August 22 – 27th. The show is a two parter: Nationals first and then the Classic and they have added many jumper classes this year too! We are so amazed and happy to have the opportunity to be a part of the big show! Dad has been working hard to help everyone get ready and Robin has been coordinating all the important papers and details!! Their dynamic team work is putting is all together for us step by step. I am just SO PROUD!!!!

Dad and Robin told me to let you all know to go here for the full list of entries and class information just put the web address in your url bar: www.horseshowing.com

Dad took Bonita and Junior to the Farm Show Complex yesterday to get settled in and by night time were enjoying their evening snack. Junior is taking it all in stride. He’s a Champion Jumper and knows exactly what to do to make us all proud! Bonita too, she’s the really superfast one!!!

We are all so thrilled to be involved with the competitions. This is great for our barn, the students and my stablemates. We are just so proud to be a part of the show and have a chance to win ribbons and display our many talents. The experience is very important to us and to be on the big stage locally is a huge boost for everyone participating!

Please come down to the show in Harrisburg! It’s located at the big huge Farm Show Complex!

Bonita will be competing tonight and I wish her and everyone the best of luck. Junior, Sol, Snazzy Jazzy, Dixie, Sarge will be competing at different days and times too! Good luck guys!

Just imagine, someday it will be me!!!!!

Here on the farm we are eating our Good Luck Clovers to cheer them on!

Luv ya!



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