Hi Everyone!

It’s me, Koenraad and I have been here enjoying the summer days on the farm – between my baths! My farm is known as Walder’s Way Equestrian Center. My farm is also my Grand Prix school. Mom and Dad are teaching me all the good things I need to know to be a Grand Prix Champion! So much to learn so when I am ready to face the test, I will be wowing the crowd!

In the meantime we have been very busy and a typical day here is like really busy. Mom, Dad and Robin have it down to science and it’s sheer perfection!!! The love they have for what they do make it look effortless but I know better and so does Junior and all my other barn pals. We know they give it their all and we benefit from their consistent drive to be the best at what they do. Their incredible drive is also what inspires me to do my best EVEN if it means giving Teddy the occasional ride. Oh Teddy! I’ll save that for another day!

You may be wondering what they do when they are not on the horse show circuit.

For starters they give baths and plenty of them….. Junior had a little heart to heart with Mom and whispered about the insects that were biting him so she took care of that….


The next thing I knew, Junior was getting washed! Take that you bugs!


Jazzy was peeking from her stall too! Peek a boo Junior!


Sol took a few peeks too! Ha!


Our other barn pals peeked! Hey Junior what’s DOING!!

Even Dad took a look at the bath making sure all was ok. Junior got a lot of attention during that bath! WOL!


Mom has a lot of responsibility too. She takes care of the leather saddles…

She makes sure the horse gear is hanging up right where it should be…

She keeps Junior’s bridle name plate polished! Gee and she does that for mine too! We have brilliant and gleaming bridle name plates!!

She takes our food orders and makes deliveries!

That Hay order is really important too! Thanks Mom! My Mom is REALLY STRONG!

Dad is always busy with the Students too! Oh my so much to learn! My pal Abby helps out too and she is a PRETTY QUARTER HORSE!


Dad really is a great trainer too! HEELS DOWN!


A lot of effort goes into schooling. Practice, Practice Practice! But that is what it takes!!!

We also do a lot of MUNCHING!!! I do it!

Junior does it too!

Our other barn pals do too!

And sometimes we take LONG NAPS when all the work is done! Nothing better than a good snooze!


Sol takes really long snoozes!


A day on the farm is busy and each day we learn more than the day before. We learn, we teach, we work and we enjoy our life. Each day is special and each day we work with passion and tremendous ambition toward our dreams. I know that the road to the Grand Prix may take a little time, a lot of focus and lots and lots of baths but I will always make it a part of my day to to enjoy the GOOD LUCK clovers!! I hope you enjoy your journey to your dreams too! Don’t be too busy to notice and enjoy the clovers!


Luv Ya!

Koenraad ♥

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