I was enjoying a nice lazy day on the farm recently. The birds were tweeting, the wind was blowing and I was deliberating on what to do with the blissful day. All my brothers and sisters were enjoying their day too.

I have been practicing jumping and getting into the saddle for a little while now and observing my talented brothers and sisters how they do what they do so well. I decided to ask Junior what he thought…. As was usual I caught him at breakfast…


Junior was chowing..


Junior said that it was best if I watched him and so I did. Mom took him out not too long ago which was great. Junior is not one to really pat himself on the withers, but he is really a standout Champion Jumper. He looks the part and lives up to his big reputation! I was amazed as I always am. Mom and Junior put on a solid show! Junior says it’s important to watch your form and watch your step. Mom is on board and be careful! Know what to do, when to do it and how to do it! Watch your step!

Junior and Madison2

Junior knows his stuff! Mom too!

Junior and Madison3

Mom and Junior take to those jumps like it’s nothing. It really is a big deal though and they know it. Junior is so modest!

Carmen goes to the big shows with Mom too. Carmen told me she can jump 10 feet high! She is royalty when it comes to jumping. She is all business too… She tells me it’s a natural thing for her, and she just does it. Be natural she says!

Madison Carmen2

She’s always smooching Mom too. I get a little jealous but she’s my big sister so I guess it’s ok..

My other sis, Bonita is such a pretty baby girl too. She is SUPER FAASSSTTT! She can sail through jumps and it is a beautiful thing to see. She is my inspiration to be elegant and talented! She and Mom practice all the time. Bonita tells me to be a champion you have to put the time into it. Practice makes perfect she says!

Madison Bonita

So much advice! My mane was reeling! And so Mom and I practiced!


And as Bonita says… keep on practicing! I mean my mane is really high now!


So one day Mom was cleaning my water bucket and let me know that we’ll give it a try and see how we do.. Ok Mom! I am ready! I think!


Even Dad came over and gave me just the encouragement I needed !!! That made me feel better and no worries. I got this!


All my barn friends were watching and cheering me on!


Sol said go for it! You’ll be a star!


So much support from my friends in the pasture too!


Even the Arabian Nation was neighing from their paddock!!! I could really hear them too!

Arabian Nation

My favorite pony Snazzy! She really whinnied for me! Koenraad you can do it! Yes I can!


Finally it was time, Mom and Dad set up the jump. It was about 2 feet high. I had practiced to jump higher and I know that because my mane goes into a Mohawk style so that’s how I know…

Mom taught me to take a good look at the field and walk it before doing the jump. She told me that it’s very important to know the course. So we did just that.


Then I did it!!!!!


The roar from the fields was deafening! Hooves clapping, neighing, whinnies like no tomorrow! They all knew I could do it and so I did but Mom and Dad next time I need earplugs!!  American Pharoah needed them when he won the Triple Crown and that is how I felt! I have the heart of a Champion and I am on my way now!!!!

Just goes to show what hard work, lots of love and all the support from your friends and family will do!

Who said the Sky is the limit!!!

Luv ya!

Koenraad ♥

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