Hi Ya everyone!

It’s me, Koenraad! I had an interesting day not too long ago and thought I’d share a little bit about it. Dad always tells us to be ready for anything. Sometimes we just never know what we are in store for! Well this was that day for me! WHOA!

I love my Mom and Dad to the moon and stars and they love me too. That’s what’s really great about my family. I can really enjoy being myself and they get me. They really do. BUT!!! There was this one day when Mom  decided it was time for me to meet Teddy.


Apparently this brown curly haired bear wants to go horse back riding and I was the only one to do the job. WHAT??? Oh Mom are you kidding me I neighed. Mom was not kidding. So the next thing I knew I was saddled up and I do that really well now too. Nothing new there, but then it happened….. the brown curly haired bear got strapped in.

That dude had no clue what he was doing or how to ride. He kept shouting at me to stop and I had to stop and listen which was hard because he was yelling at my stomach so I could not hear that!! Geesh!


He conveniently forgot to wear his head gear too. I reminded him as we walked by the sign too. Silly bear…



Ok Teddy here we go!!!!!


I told him he better hold on if he wants to ride with me!!!!!


Even Mom yelled “Teddy hold on!!”

Teddy Fall

I was too much for him and down he went. I felt a little bad, but sometimes as Dad says you just don’t know how the day is going to turn out! WHOA!

Next time Teddy might want to wear his head gear not to mention use better posture and some LEG!


I treasured my walk to my beloved pasture after my ride with Teddy was done. I think Dad was right!

Love to all,

Koenraad ♥




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