Hi Everyone!

Hey’s it’s me Koenraad!! I know it’s been a while since I was on the blog, but it’s been really busy around here!! My Mom Madison and I like sharing our moments, this was a pretty good one. Madison is a great Mom and I just had to let her know how much I loved her! I think I surprised her!!!

Madison and I have been working on the farm. She’s been showing me the ropes and saddles and I am getting more familiar with how this whole thing is going to work. I have so much to learn, but it is fun too.

I even get visitors from far away places who admire me too! They think I am pretty swell!


I have so much to learn. The road to being a champion takes a lot of hard work too. Each day I have to do and learn something new. I am being such a good boy too. I go to my paddock each day so well behaved and collected. I do like my playtime but I am learning when it is a good time to play and when I must be all business.

I have a nice paddock too…… see how pretty!

Sometimes when I am not working with Mom with saddle time and bridle time, I like to be in my stall watching my pal Junior. He’s already a Champion Jumper and he is always telling me stories about how he won this ribbon and that ribbon. He said he won so many ribbons he lost count! I said oh really???


I think Junior is a great buddy in the barn and he is just soooo smart!!! I am learning all the tips and tricks to be a champion. He’s a great mentor to me!!

My Mom Madison has been so busy too! I am so proud of her. She recently competed at Garden State with Carmen and boy she did really good! They really know their stuff and Carmen and Junior both are great mentors and friend to me!


Mom also got a sponsor too! This was HUGE news in the barn and I am SO HAPPY for my Mom. Someday it will be her and I competing for the win. I just know it! County Saddlery is a great sponsor to have and they make really good saddles. I mean like really good!!!


We also have been having fun too.  I had so much fun watching the Summer Camp for kids too. Wow did we have fun!!!!!! Peaches and Snazzy, well all of us!!! Even Dad!


Kids and horses EVERYWHERE!!!!!! We’ll also have another camp too I think and I cannot wait! Peaches loves to have her hair done too.  No shortage of hair stylists too. I think I might need a stylist too! Come on over kids!


We all had a GREAT TIME!!!

Mom has been busy with me and also training Ginger. Ginger is a gorgeous French Warmblood who was really scared of  a water puddle, but Mom helped her get over that really quick. She is no longer afraid and is a superstar in her training now too! Way to go girls!


Then Mom and Bonita went to Pimlico in Baltimore to test competing on the grass. Bonita told me that grass is not her favorite surface and Mom took good care of her that day. My heart beams! Mom always knows best!


Bonita was so pretty and rightly so. I mean after all she is a Thoroughbred and very special!


Still, I had to wonder how the horse got up in the sky so high… hmmmm


Earlier in the year Mom took Junior out to the ball game at the Clipper Stadium in Lancaster!! Wow and what an opportunity!! I have to admit I wanted to go too, but I am not ready for that just yet. You just wait Junior! My turn next Year!!! She was proudly showing the Flag for everyone in the Stadium. Junior was so majestic!


So friends, life simply does not stand still! We are busy working and having fun for sure. But even so it is always a good thing to stop and smell the carrots and play a little Peek a Boo too!


Robin made me a great cake too and I ALWAYS have time for CAKE! Yum Yum!! She is a fantastic baker and she really knows how to make birthdays wonderful and special just like she is!


Live Well and be Happy, Just like Mom and Sol do!!!!


Luv ya!

Koenraad ♥

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