Noggin’s Gift


The day that every horse owner dreads eventually comes and no matter when that it is or how, it is never easy and we always wish we had more time. Yesterday on a beautiful Spring day Walder’s Way had to say good bye to their dear cherished pony named Noggin. Noggin was very special to her owners and most especially Madison Walder. Madison had been with Noggin for 13 years and they had shared so much. Madison shared that she had learned so much from this beloved pony and attributes much of her success in the show ring all due to her relationship with Noggin.

Noggin was clearly a very calm and contented pony. I consider it a blessing to have met Noggin and watched her help the young riders with their lessons in riding and horsemanship. Often when I would arrive for my own lessons I would have the privilege to watch Noggin stand patiently while her students groomed her and loved on her. She was such a patient being. I often marveled at how calm she was and that no matter what was going on around her she was always ready to do what was expected. Her young riders thought the world of her!


It is heartbreaking to lose our horses. They are part of us and we live for them. Our world revolves around them and Noggin was no exception. Her owners trusted her with many young students and I think that Noggin was very proud and happy to help them with their journey of learning.


Noggin was a friend to her humans and little Peach too. I always enjoyed seeing her caretakers lead her into the barn with her friend Peach. They were so good and walked right in to their stalls without hesitation. Always together. Good friends.

As I read Madison’s words about the loss of her pony, it really struck me. It is never easy to lose those special horses that we know and love. Madison loved her pony so very much and it is even difficult for me to write about that love. She will always have Noggin in her heart and Noggin will always have a deep impression on the rest of us who had the great fortune to cross her path if only for a little while. A moment in time not to be forgotten.

To the Walders I say thank you with gratitude for sharing Noggin with us. Noggin was and will always be important to her students and you as well. She opened doors to their hearts into this wonderful world of horses and for that we can all look back and remember that special gift.

Thank you Noggin and we love you for that.

God bless you and keep you running happy and free and may you continue to teach those in the big sky above. You are a treasure and you will be missed more than words can say.


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