Hi Friends!

It’s me, Koenraad! I am working hard and having fun. Always having fun and playing! It’s important to play! I am high energy and I love to keep moving! I love to engage with Madison and Jeff in this way as it helps me to socialize with them and be the best I can be. They totally get that about me but as I said before, when Madison is ready to work I have to be ready for business! After all, we have the road to the Grand Prix looming and it will take lots of work, lots of practice but in my mind we can have lots of fun along the way. Baby Koenraad steps as I like to call them! Each step leads to another transition in our road to the big Grand Prix!

Some of you may not know what the Grand Prix is, but in order for me to be a Grand Prix horse, I too have to understand what it means. Madison is setting the goals and I am following her lead ( most times! ). To be a Grand Prix level jumper is a high achievement in horse showing. It is the top echelon! I have to be the best and in a set time too. Show jumping at this level will have us riding fast in tight set ups and up to levels of just over 5 feet! I demonstrate to Madison and Jeff that I can do those jumps too! I jump and hop and jump some more! I can do it! Just watch me!!!

But as always after my demos, it is lunge time and other types of training too. I just do my best.

My brothers here in the barn, Junior and Sol and my sister Carmen do the jumping thing pretty darn good. They share their best secrets with me in the paddock too. I know they get carrots when they do a good job so they told me that is a good reward for a job well done. Something for me to aspire to. I have great examples to follow from my barn family.

Oh my goodness there is so much to learn!!! My mind is amazed at all the schooling!! Madison is my teacher and my rider and Jeff teaches all the horses and riders too. They are the best teachers I could ever hope to have. They love me and they think I am the grandest of all. I know I am going to wow the judges too. I will know my courses, Madison will be my rider and we avoid faults to perfection. We will be the team of teams and the one to beat. I will dazzle and I will delight.

But! In the meantime my Grand Prix road will be lots and lots of schooling and require a great deal of patience. I will get there and I will always make time to dance too.

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