Koenraad as a foal with his Dam

Koenraad as a foal with his Dam

Hey Friends!!

It’s me! Koenraad! My family fondly calls me “The Baby” but as you will see I am getting bigger and majestic each day! I think I am not only “The Baby!” but a “Gorgeous Baby” at that!

Koenraad is actually the Dutch spelling and it is pronounced “Conrad”. As you can see in my baby picture I was very cute with lots of white chrome! My mom is a black beauty and she is exquisite. Her name is Ambernita!! When I was a foal I used my long legs to run to keep up with her. She has a beautiful gait and is simply magnificent to look at. I loved my baby time with her and she took great care of me.

My Dad is equally as majestic and handsome. His name is Nel-Mar Hummer! I was definitely blessed to have the most wonderful parents in all the world. Their charm and magnificence are traits that I carry! Runs in the family!

My dad, Nel-Mar Hummer was not KWPN registered, but my Mom, Ambernita is KWPN registered. I am ADHHA (American Dutch Harness Horse Association) registered only at this time and I am eligible to be KWPN registered too, and for sure my best friend forever and ever, Robin will get me registered as soon as time permits. Of course that will be a day of celebration and party in the paddock time so I’ll keep you all posted as to when it happens because that is a really BIG DEAL for me!  KWPN means Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland which is the (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN). This prestigious group governs the breeding of competitive dressage and show jumping horses, as well as the show harness horses in North America. It is very expensive to get registered with the KWPN and a very special designation to have as well. At the end of my blog article I shared a link so that anyone who wants to learn more about the KWPN can just go to the URL listed below.

While I was growing up in Ohio, my Best Friend FOREVER, Robin Walder,  was at her farm in Mount Joy searching the internet for just the perfect horse to add to her barn. One day it happened and lo and behold she found me!!! My Ohio Mom thought that perhaps I might be a dressage horse for my Ohio Dad but then they had some horses that they were already working with and so they decided that I needed to be a Star in another barn. As much as it was hard to leave my beautiful Mom’s and Dad’s in Ohio, when the day came that I met Jeff, Robin and Madison Walder I knew it was fate that I should be with them! Jeff loaded me up on the trailer and off we went to Mount Joy Pennsylvania, my new beloved home at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center! They loved ME from the start!

I am now a yearling and Jeff and Madison are working with me each and every day teaching me how to be my best. I do LOVE to play and they’ve been so patient with me about that. I LOVE to flirt and hop and jump when they escort me to my paddock. I really think of my paddock as one giant playpen so I like to frisk around on my way to my fun place. Lately though I have been more professional as my Mom Madison is teaching me to be the show horse I am meant to be and she is very careful with me and she and Dad Jeff both understand my personality. I mean they really do GET me! I love to be the center of attention and have my fun and they go along with me very well. However, when it is time to learn and train Madison is all business so I do have to mind my Mom! But I still find time to have a little fun during the lessons!

This is me in the picture below with Madison when I was 11 months old! Still pretty big even at a young age. Madison is my teacher and I know with her I am going to be a big star!



Getting bigger and nearly 2 years old in a couple of months but you can see I have the handsome and majestic qualities of my Sire and Dam!

No judge anywhere is going to be able to resist my beautiful white blaze and chestnut coat shining like a copper penny! Just wait and see.

I am just getting started and I hope you all enjoy my journey to super stardom! It is going to be spectacular and I just can’t wait to share it with all its brilliance, glamour and FUN! Make sure you have FUN along the way!

High Hoof!



References and to learn more about Dutch Warm Blood Sport Horses and the Stud Book:




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