The barn at Walder’s Way is almost always a very busy place. Dr. Jeff Walder and his daughter Madison have a full schedule of clients in for training – people and horses, stalls to clean, mouths to feed, farrier visits, setting up the jumping grids, cleaning, learning and just being there for the horses. Busy!!!!!

The fun part about being busy is just taking a moment to take it all in as the charming fellow above seems to be doing! No matter the weather, time of day or just the day itself, this barn is a flurry of activity. And fittingly so since it is Lancaster County’s premier equestrian center!

The lesson clients and boarding clients are a “good group” as Robin Walder will tell you. Robin is the eyes and ears for the operation and is in the know and is very skilled at showcasing all the good things that her husband and his team do to make the best fit for humans and horses alike to do what it is that they want to do. Robin is a very dynamic woman who has a great talent for seeing and finding possibilities in the challenges and proving the possibilities are indeed endless. This is the type of thinking that constitutes not just winning, but having the ability to see what is possible and then some to move forward. An undeniable excellence that sets this barn apart from all others! I applaud and commend them for all that they do. It is truly wonderful to see this each time I go there for my lessons or just to observe other students working to make their dreams come true.

So after my lesson I had the opportunity to meet a very special student!


She loves horses and wants to know everything she can about them and how to be the best rider she can be. I would say that is very admirable for someone so young. It’s gratifying to see a young person have goals and not be afraid of doing the work to achieve them. It’s a rare quality to find in such a small package, and she is determined to do her best and I have no doubt that she will go far in her “equestrian” life!

So I stayed after my lesson time for a bit to capture a few pictures. I was totally inspired by this talented young girl with a passion and heart for horses. It was amazing to have the front row seat to witness something so special…..

Dr. Jeff Walder is a superb trainer and it is quite evident that he enjoys what he does. How fortunate for not only beginners but advanced riders too. Good riding takes practice for sure but when you’re learning from the best – who says the sky has to be the limit? A blessing indeed! This young girl admired Noggin so very much and handled him with just the perfect touch with his guidance. A potential Grand Prix rider off to a magnificent start!

Just another wonderful example of how Walder’s Way strives to give every student no matter the age or background the opportunity to excel and enjoy learning about horses and how to ride them well.

Not to mention the horses get a chance to have some treats too!


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